New Features and Changes (ver.3.1.8)

Read about the latest release of new features and updates.

  • Feb. 9th, 2017 Back Office Release Coming Soon
  • Feb. 16th, 2017 App Releases Coming Soon

The Error Display for a failed CNP transaction is now easier to understand

It is now easier to understand any errors that occur when you settle a payment with Manual Entry.
When a transaction error occurs, the following screen will appear. Please press "Confirm".

The "Order History" screen will appear.

If the card payment is reflected in the history, then the payment was successful.
Tap "Close" on the top left of the order history and proceed to the payment completion screen.

If the card payment is not reflected, then payment may have failed.
Tap "Close" on the top left of the order history and save the order contents and continue to process a cash payment.
Please press "Save the Order Contents and Continue". Your order content will be saved in the camera roll of your iPad.

Please check the order details with the camera roll and re-enter the order.

Journal Summary can now be E-mailed

While Register Balancing, it is now possible to e-mail a digital version of the contents of the journal summary paper printout to your store's e-mail address. The delivery destination is the e-mail address that is set in Back Office-> Settings-> Shop Information.

You can now analyze sales by Order Type

You can now display sales by Order Type in the Back Office-> Sales By Date screen.


There are several changes of item layout on the sales details screen.
The screen of sales details BEFORE the change:

The screen of sales details AFTER the change:

It is now possible to configure Tax settings by Item Category

In Back Office-> Settings-> Tax, you can now configure tax / tax exemption for each Item Category.

You can now view Weekly summaries in Sales By Date

In Back Office-> Sales By Date, you can now review sales information on a weekly basis.