New Features and Changes (ver.3.1.12)

Read about the latest release of new features and updates.

  • Mar. 23th, 2017 Back Office Release Coming Soon
  • Mar. 30th, 2017 App Releases Coming Soon

The unsent data screen is now easier to understand.

The list of unsent data, due to a faulty network connection, can be found on “Data Syncing Later” screen. The data list is now easier to read.





Register Balancing
Register check history. The balance amount between actual amount and expected amount will be shown when selecting it. The list AMOUNT will not be displayed.

Cash In/Out (Net Cash Deposit)
Adding or removing cash based on the adjustment of reserves during Register Check.

Cash In/Out
Adding or removing cash during the normal opening and closing of the register.

When you have opened the register even though no money was added or removed.

Elimination of the Security Question for Passwords.

We are now eliminating the "Security Question" function, which requires an answer from users who forget and then request to recover their password. From now on, if you forget your password and can’t log in, we will send a temporary password to your registered e-mail address. The temporary password is valid for 24 hours. Please log in to AirREGI within 24 hours and then set a new password.