Setting up the Kitchen Printer for AirREGI

Network Settings

Before setting up the kitchen printer, you must connect the recommended router with your modem/existing router.
Recommended router: NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Router
1. Connect one end of ethernet cable to modem/your existing router, and the other end to the yellow Internet port on router.



2. Connect power adapter.

Router Settings
Setting up on iPad instead of PC is strongly recommended.
Download pdf file from the bottom of this article to see how to set the router.

Hardware Settings

1. Plug the kitchen printer's adapter into the outlet.

2. Connect one end of the cable into the kitchen printer and the other end to the router.



Then power the kitchen printer. Follow the instructions on Setup Manual to set up the IP address.

Connecting the Kitchen Printer to App

Make sure that your iPad is connected to "AirREGI" Wi-Fi and Kitchen Printer is connected to the router with the cable before you try to connect the kitchen printer to App.
Go to App's Home->Settings->Order Receipt Printer.

Wait till your kitchen printer's IP addess appears on the right side.

IMG_0506.PNG 

Tap "Not Connected" and the status will change to "Connected".


Tap the row that shows your IP address again. Kitchen printer's settings screen will appear.

Change the printer name to Kitchen.
Tap "Test Print" to test if the printer is working.