New Features and Changes (ver.3.2.0)

Read about the latest release of new features and updates.

  • Apr. 19th, 2017 Back Office Release Coming Soon
  • Apr. 26th, 2017 App Releases Coming Soon

You can now send customer receipts by e-mail.

You can now choose whether to provide customers a paper receipt or an email receipt.
When processing a credit card, when you press "Receipt" on the "Thank you" screen, a selection screen appears.




During cash transactions, the same selection screen will appear when you press "Customer Receipt".




Press “Email Receipt” and then ask the customer to enter his or her email address. Press “Send” to send the receipt to the address entered.




Administrators can now use certain admin-authorized functions when necessary, even when a non-administrator is actively logged into the App.

We have now activated certain buttons that were previously inaccessible for those with Cashier privileges (Admin-level functions that Cashiers are not authorized to execute). When pressed, a ‘passcode input screen’ now appears. By entering an Administrator password, the selected function now becomes available.
The "Open Drawer", "Register Balancing", and "Settings" buttons on the App’s Home Screen, previously could not be pressed from an account of an employee without Admin-level authority.


With this modification, these buttons are now active and can be pressed. After pressing one of these buttons, you must enter the passcode of an authorized Admin in order to be able to access the screen.




If you enter the passcode of an unauthorized employee, or an account that does not have the necessary permissions, the message “You do not have permission” will be displayed. With this modification, Admins have access to three essential functions ("Open Drawer", "Register Balancing", and "Settings"), without having to switch accounts.

Payroll Output unit has been added to Clock in / out.

You can now configure the Payout Output unit in Clock in / out twice a month.
You can configure the output unit setting in Settings> Shop Information.