New Features and Changes (ver.3.3.0)

Read about the latest release of new features and updates.

  • Jun. 21th, 2017 Back Office Release Coming Soon
  • Jun. 28th, 2017 App Releases Coming Soon

Discounts can now be applied directly to individual items.

Discounts that could only be previously applied to the total amount of the order at the time of checkout can now be applied to individual items.
When you select Home → New Order → tap an item, a "Disc" icon will appear next to the amount of each item.


When you press the "Disc" icon, the discount rate or discount amount set in "Discounts" in your Back Office will appear.


When you choose a discount, the discount will then be applied to that product and its modifier.

Custom -%/-$

If you select ‘Custom -%/-$’, you can specify and apply any discount rate or discount amount.

When you set a discount, it will be displayed in red under the item modifier.


If you want to delete / cancel the discount, you can simply swipe the red discount line off to the left.


You can now check / confirm discounts by item.

Now that discounts can be modified for individual items, discount details are now displayed in red in the Order History in your App and Back Office.



Within ‘Sales by Date’ and Sales Journal Report, ‘Discounts’ will contain the total amount of the entire discount, as well as individual item discounts.