Creating item categories

Item Category is a group to which an item belongs. Creating categories makes it easier to select items on the Order screen.


Up to 30 categories can be set.

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How to create item categories

Go to Settings on the Back Office's side menu and select Item Categories.

Tap the “Add New” button. The category setting box will open.

Enter a name for the category.

Category Color
Select a color for the category icon displayed on the Order screen in the app.

Allows you to select whether to show or hide the category on the Order screen of the app.


When a category is set to “Hide,” all the items linked with the category as well as the category itself will not be displayed on the Order screen.


You can make item management easier by hiding categories. Choose "Hide" for the categories you don’t wish to change the settings, and then configure the settings for other categories in bulk. Then set the hidden category back to "Show".