Creating item options (SKUs)

Here you can create SKU(Stock Keeping Unit)-driven items such as size of a drink or steak.
Item options (SKUs) that are added on the Item Settings page will be reflected on the Order Screen as shown below, which allows you to select a variety of items.

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How to create Item Options

Go to the Settings in the side menu of the Back Office and select Items.
Tap the “Add New” button, the item setting box will open on the right. Enter the information for the item and set the “Options” button to ON. The “Option Settings” button will appear.


To update the options of an item that is already set, just select the item from the list.

Open the "Option Settings" box.

Detail 1&2
Enter an item variation (e.g. color, size). *You can enter up to 10 characters in each detail box.

Enter a price for the item.


To add another option to the same item, tap "+ Add option" button at the bottom.

To sort the options (e.g. by popularity), tap or click the arrows indicating up and down on the right to move the options.

Once you are finished entering item options, tap "Done" at the top right to go back to the Item Settings box.