Creating modifier groups

Modifier Group is a group containing the Modifier Items such as “Coffee Toppings” containing all possible toppings for Coffee.

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How to create modifier groups

Go to Settings in the Back Office and select "Modifier Groups".

To create a new Modifier Group, tap the "Add New" button. When you want to update the information of a group that is already set, simply choose the Modifier Group from "Modifier Group List".

Enter a name for the group.

Select Type

  • “Single Select” means you can select only one Modifier Item from the group for an item on the Order Screen. E.g., for salad, customers can select only one dressing.
  • “Multiple Select” allows you to select as many Modifier Items as you want from the group on the Order screen. E.g., for pancakes, customers can select multiple toppings such as ice cream, fruit, extra whipped cream, etc.

Modifier Items
Shows Modifier Items that are linked with the Modifier Group.