Open Drawer (Cash In/Out)

When you need to remove money from the cash register or add non-sales cash to it for any purpose, use "Cash In/Cash Out" to keep your register in balance with what's expected at the end of the day.

Table of Contents

How to Cash In/Out

Tap "Open Drawer"on the home screen.

Select Cash In or Cash Out.

Enter the amount to put or remove.

Enter the remarks. A note is helpful for tracking the purpose of the cash out or cash in.

Tap the “Cash In” or “Cash Out” button.
This will be reflected on the cash register log and sales report.


You will also receive a notification email you register at "Shop Information" on Back Office with the following items.

  • Activity: "Cash In" or "Cash Out"
  • User: The name of cashier who opened the drawer
  • Amount: The amount of cash in/out
  • Remarks: The text written at the Remarks
  • Time: The time the drawer opened