Taking an order

You can run cash and gift card sales without an Internet connection. Credit/debit Card payments require a connection. Your sales data will sync with your Back Office when your iPad has an Internet connection.

Create a new Order

Tap “New Order” on the home screen.

The Order Screen consists of the order window on the left and the menu window on the right.
When you switch to "List", the screen will be as follows.

  1. Order window
  2. Menu window
  3. Category window
  4. Item window

Select item category first, then tap items to add to the order.

Items with Options (SKUs)

If an item contains options (SKUs such as sizes and flavors), they are displayed as below.

Items with Modifiers

When you select an item that is linked with modifiers (toppings and add-ons), modifier window shows up as below.

Modifier Types

  1. With "Single" option modifiers, only one option can be chosen from each group. e.g. dressing choice, bread type, or milk choice.
  2. "Multiple" choice modifiers are used for options such as burger toppings where customers can select more than one add-on.

You can cancel modifiers by deselecting them.

Select modifiers to customize the item. Tap ”Done” to finish up.

Change the item quantity and delete items

To change the quantity of item on an order, tap the box on the left where the number is shown. Then enter the number.

To cancel an item, swipe the item to the left so the "Delete" button appears on the right.

To cancel modifiers, tap the area where the modifiers are shown in the order window.

The modifier window will show up. Deselect the modifier.

Process a payment

To process the payment, tap the "Checkout" button.