Applying discounts to orders

How to apply discounts to orders

To apply a discount(s) to an order, tap “Discount" at the bottom left and select from there.



How to apply discounts to the individual items

When you select Home → New Order → tap an item, a "Disc" icon will appear next to the amount of each item.


When you press the "Disc" icon, the discount rate or discount amount set in "Discounts" in your Back Office will appear.


When you choose a discount, the discount will then be applied to that product and its modifier.

Custom -%/-$

If you select ‘Custom -%/-$’, you can specify and apply any discount rate or discount amount.

When you set a discount, it will be displayed in red under the item modifier.


If you want to delete / cancel the discount, you can simply swipe the red discount line off to the left.