Processing card payments


You can run cash and gift card sales without an Internet connection. Credit Card payments require a connection. Your sales data will sync with your Back Office when your iPad has an Internet connection.

How to process card payments

Home→New Order→Select Menu→Tap the checkout button.

Tap the "Pin/Swipe" button.
In cases where you need to manually enter the card information, tap "Manual".
If "Pin/Swipe" button does not appear on the Payment screen, you need to connect the Card Reader to App first in order to use Card Reader to process checkout.

The tip screen will open. Turn the iPad around and let the customer select the amount of tip.

Insert or swipe the Credit Card.

Confirm the amount including the tip displayed on the Terminal.

Press the check mark on the terminal if the amount is correct.(Press X to cancel.)

Upon successful completion, two receipts (One for the customer, one for your store) will be printed out.
If a signature is required for the transaction, have the customer directly sign on the iPad screen.

See here for how to process refunds.

Manual card entry

When you need to manually enter credit/debit card information to complete a transaction (e.g. online/telephone order, damaged card etc.), follow the steps below.
To enable the manual card entry feature, go to "Settings" on the Home Screen.

Select "Manual Input" from the menu bar on the left. Enter "Seller ID" and "Seller Key", then tap "Set".

Take an order and tap the checkout button.

The Payment Screen opens. Tap the "Manual" button.

Enter the card information, then tap “Continue”.

When the transaction is completed successfully, two receipts (One for the customer, one for your store) will be printed out.