Pairing the printer with iPad

Setting up a receipt printer involves:

  1. Pairing the printer with your iPad
  2. Connecting the printer to your AirREGI App

In this page, you'll learn how to pair the printer to your iPad.


Bluetooth printers connect wirelessly to the iPad via Bluetooth.

How to pair the printer with iPad

Load a roll of paper into the printer.

Plug the power cable into the port that is farthest to the right on the back of the printer and turn the printer on using the side switch.
Hold the larger red button on the right for a few seconds. The green light on the left will start flashing.

Open your iPad settings and tap “Bluetooth.”

Select "Star Micronics" when it appears on the Bluetooth settings screen on your iPad.

When your iPad and printer are paired, your iPad will show the Star printer is connected and the green light of the printer will turn blue.

Once finished, proceed to connect the printer to App.