Connecting the printer to App

Setting up a receipt printer involves:

  1. Pairing the printer with your iPad
  2. Connecting the printer to your AirREGI App

Follow the steps below to connect the printer to your AirREGI App.

How to connect the printer to App

Select "Settings" on the home screen.

Select “Customer Receipt Printer” from the side menu, then tap "Printer" on the right.

Select the printer paired with your iPad, then tap "< Customer Receipt Printer".

Test Print to confirm your printer works.

Select the Receipt Width from 2 1/4" and 3 1/8").


Receipts and reports may not be printed properly if you change the paper width often.

Receipt Printing Setup

Customer Receipt

Switch on the "Print Customer Receipt Automatically" to print a customer receipt automatically when a payment is completed. To manually prompt customer receipts to print on the "Payment Complete" screen, switch it off.

Order Receipt

Select whether or not to print order receipts.

Order Receipt Printing Options

Tap the "Printing Options" and chose when to print out order receipts.

  • Manually print for each order:
    Requires you to manually prompt the order receipt to print on the order screen. Choose this option if you want to save receipt paper or don’t think you need an order receipt for every order.
  • Automatically print with customer receipt:
    Select this option to print order receipt automatically when printing customer receipt.

Drawer Settings

To use the cash drawer, switch the button on.