Order History

Here, you can view the details of past receipts, process refunds, and reprint receipts.


Using Order History requires an Internet connection.

Select “Order History” from the Home Screen.

Overview of the Order History screen

The left side of the screen displays a list of closed orders and the right side of the screen displays a detailed summary of the selected order.

List of Orders

  1. Date of sale
    The date of sale is determined based on the Cash Register Closing Time set on the Shop Information Settings screen in Back Office.
    e.g.: If the Cash Register Closing Time is set to 11 PM, then all sales on or after 11:01 PM are counted as sales for the next day.
  2. Time of Payment
  3. Receipt number
  4. Amount of Sale (Refunded amount is shown as a red number)

Sales are displayed in the list from newest to oldest, starting from the top. Pulling the list down will update the data.
Pull down.

Order Information

  1. Receipt Number
  2. Summary
    Displays the total amount and payment status (Paid or Refunded) of the selected order.
  3. Order Information
    Displays the order items and unit prices, quantities and sale price, discounts and surcharges, subtotal, tax, and total amount.
  4. Transactions
    Displays the method of payment, amount received, change, and name of the cashier.
  5. "Refund" button
    Tapping this opens the Edit Transaction screen.
  6. "Reprint Receipt" button
    Lets you reprint Customer Receipts.

How to search an order

You can search for an order by date, by receipt number or by card number.
Tap the search icon.

Select Card #, Receipt # or Date.

To search by card number, enter the last 4 digits of a credit card.

To search by receipt number, enter the receipt number of the order you are searching for. You must enter the entire receipt number (including zeros).


To search by date, select the date and tap "Done".

Giving refunds

Find the order using the method above, then press the "Refund" button below.

The Edit Transaction screen opens.
Select the items to refund and select the payment method that the refund will be provided in. The payment method the customer used at checkout is displayed by default.
Tap the “Complete” button.

The refund is complete and the Refund Customer Receipt is automatically printed.


If Customer Receipts are not set to be printed automatically on the Printer Settings screen, tap the “Print Customer Receipt”.

Enter the reason for the refund in the "Remarks" field and tap the ”Done” button.


The "Remarks" field is a required field.

The refund information is added in the bottom of the Order Information.


Concerning credit card payments

  • Refunds can only be given once.
  • You can give refund by cash for sales that were paid by Credit Card.

Other payment types

  • Cash refunds can be given multiple times.
  • Refunds higher than the amount paid are not allowed.