Access Permissions

It is necessary to define access permissions for your employees to allow them control over certain aspects of the POS for daily operations.
With the access permission feature enabled, anyone using the AirREGi app will be prompted to enter an unique 6-digit pass code to log into the personal account.

Permission Levels

The permission levels are divided into two categories, “Admin” and “Cashier”. While the “Admin” level deals with providing privileges for all features including managing sales related tasks, the “Cashier” level provides access to only particular operations on the AirREGi app.

Available Permissions

How to assign permissions to users

Go to “Settings” on the Back Office's side menu and select “Cashiers”.

Add or select the user from the list you want to assign permissions to.

Fill out all the fields and press “Save”.

Enter the name of the user.
Pass code:
Enter an unique 6-digit number for each user.
Permission Level:
Select from Admin or Cashier.
Set it to "Hide" when you want to temporarily exclude the cashier.

How to log in and out

First of all, log into your merchant account with your AirREGI ID and password.

After logged into the merchant account, log into the personal account with the 6-digit pass code you set in the Cashiers setting screen.

When you end the shift and log out of the personal account, tap the name at the right top and tap “Logout”.

To log out of the merchant account, tap “Merchant Logout”.