AirREGI Glossaries

Here are basic terms as they are used within the AirREGI system.

Basic terms of AirREGI

Name Description Synonym
 App  AirREGI software that runs on an iPad.  AirREGI, application
 Back Office  AirREGI administrative tools, which are accessible using any browser(iOS, Windows, or Mac)  BO (Bee-oh)
 Cash  Paper money and coins.  Money, bucks, coins
 Credit Card  Debit or credit payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc. (Synonym: VISA, Amex, Master, VISA card, Amex card, Master Card, (Bank name)+card: eg. “Chase card” or “Citi card”)  
 Account  The overall account you log in to with your AirREGI ID.  ID, account, logon, logon ID, Password, AirREGI ID, Login ID, Signin ID, Account
 AirREGI ID  Your AirREGI username.  ID, account, logon, logon ID, Password, AirREGI ID, Login ID, Signin ID, Account
 AirREGI  Any AirREGI service including the AirREGI iPad application and AirREGI Back Office.  AirREGI app, AirREGI Back Office, AirREGI system, POS (Pee-oh-es), POS (Pow-sue)
 Card Reader  Payment entry device, terminal; where a merchant/customer swipes a magnetic stripe card, dips a chip card, or uses contactless payment such as Apple PayTM.  Terminal, Credit card reader
 Browser  An application that displays Web pages. Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are all examples of browsers.  Safari, Chrome, Internet, Network
 CSV  A file that can be read by Microsoft Excel and AirREGI Back Office.  Excel file, Excel, spreadsheets
 iPad   A tablet that Apple manufactures and sells.  Tablet, iPhone, Gadget, POS (Pee-oh-es), POS (Pow-sue)
 Order  The act of taking an order on the Order screen.   
 Order Receipt  Receipt for a cashier or kitchen.  
 Printer  Printer for a cashier or kitchen.   Star, Star Micronics, Receipt printer, Kitchen printer
 Drawer  Drawer for a cashier.  

Menu basics

Name Description Synonym
 Items  Main individual products, as in a “menu item".  Menu, Meals, Drinks
 Category  A group to which an Item belongs, for example “drinks” or “sandwiches”.  
 Modifier Items  Individual toppings, add ons, or special requests added to an Item, such as each type of milk or each pizza topping. No management of inventory or profit/loss.  Modifiers, Add-on menu 
 Modifier Group  A group containing all the modifiers such as “Coffee Toppings” containing all possible toppings for Coffee.   Modifiers, Add-on menu 
 Item Option (SKUs)  SKU(Stock Keeping Unit)-driven items such as size of a drink or steak. Allows management of inventory and profit/loss.  Size options, Variations