【Card Reader】Error message "AnotherOperationBeingProcessed" appears after a credit card payment

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This is typically caused by a Card Reader configuration error.

    1. First, please check the Card Reader status. If you see the following:
      • Blue lamp is ON
      • "MIURA" or "REGISTER NOT OPEN" is shown in the display
      • Two Bluetooth symbols w/ bi-direction arrows in the display
    2. Then, please try the action(s) as listed below, and try to test payment with your card (and then refund later) to verify that the Card Reader connection has been restored.
      • Turn the iPad Bluetooth Off & On,
      • Turn the iPad WiFi Off & On, or
      • Reboot the AirREGI app


An error may occur if the iPad is an older model. Please confirm that the iPad you are utilizing at your shop is an "iPad Air 2" or later.