Announcements (News & Release update)

AirREGI Back Office & App Release

Date Type Ver. Details
2017/07/12NEW Back Office None
  • Menu can now be uploaded from Back Office in Excel format.
2017/07/12NEW App 3.3.1
  • The bill can be printed before checking out.
2017/06/28 App 3.3.0
  • Discounts can now be applied directly to individual items.
2017/06/21 Back Office None
  • You can now check / confirm discounts by item.
2017/04/26 App 3.2.0
  • You can now send customer receipts by e-mail.
  • Administrators can now use certain admin-authorized functions when necessary, even when a non-administrator is actively logged into the App.
2017/04/19 Back Office None
  • Payroll Output unit has been added to Clock in / out.
2017/03/30 App 3.1.12
  • The unsent data screen is now easier to understand.
2017/03/23 Back Office None
  • Elimination of the Security Question for Passwords.
2017/02/16 App 3.1.8
  • The Error Display for a failed CNP transaction is now easier to understand
2017/02/09 Back Office None
  • Journal Summary can now be E-mailed
  • You can now analyze sales by Order Type 
  • It is now possible to configure Tax settings by Item Category
  • You can now view Weekly summaries in Sales By Date
2016/12/13 App 3.1.4
  • Display the Order Type in your Order History
  • It is now possible to search your Order History using the last 4 digits of a credit card
2016/12/6 Back Office None
  • The function to register and delete attendance in Back Office when you have forgotten to Clock In/Out
  • Display the Order Type in Back Office’s Order History
  • Sales analysis by Order Type:added ability to output the Order Type to a CSV file
  • It is now possible to search your Order History using the last 4 digits of a credit card
2016/11/22 App 3.1.2
  • Queuing function for Printer Errors(Printer Queue)
  • Display Refund details in the Order History
  • Shorten the Item name on the Order receipt
  • Showing the Order Type in the Open Orders
2016/11/15 Back Office None
  • Display Refund details in the Order History
  • Output Receipt Date / Time on all records in a Payment CSV 
2016/10/25 App 3.1.0
2016/10/25 Back Office None
2016/08/05 App 2.9.0
  • Clock In/Out: You can record the start and end of a shift, as well as breaks for each employee.
    For the details, please go to the web manual.
2016/07/01 App 2.2.5
  • User Access Permission: User access permissions let you control what your employees can and can't do over certain aspects of the POS for daily operations.
    For the details, please go to the web manual.
  • Signature on screen: The feature allows you to capture customer’s signatures on the iPad screen.