Tile Display of Items on the Order Screen

Tile Display Settings

Tap "Settings" on the Home Screen of the App.

Open the Configuration Screen by tapping "Item Layout”.

Drag and drop to move a tile and to place it in your desired location.

  • Right Column: Displays Unplaced Categories & Items
  • Left Column: Displays Active Categories & Items
  • Single-color Filled Tile (Category): for example, "Desserts" or "Alcohol"
  • White Tile with Colored Bottom Color (Item): for example, "Ice Cream" or "Cheese Cake"

When you have finished placing the tile, tap "Save”.

Accepting Orders Using Tiles

Tap “New Order” on the Home Screen of the App.

Tap “Tiles” located in the top center area of the screen.

Tap the Category Tile or Item Tile you want to order.
When you tap the Category Tile, you will be moved to a screen with a selection of Item Tiles within that Category.

Tap “Close” to return to the Main Tile screen.
If you select an item associated with a SKU, the SKU number will be displayed on screen.
When the order entry is complete, tap “Checkout” in order to move to the accounting screen.