Overview of the App


You can run non-credit/debit card transactions without an Internet connection but card payments require a connection. Your sales data will sync with your Back Office when your iPad has an Internet connection.

Table of Contents

Overview of the App

The Home Screen

  1. Message
    Check messages from AirREGI here.
  2. New Order
    Create an order here.
  3. Open Orders
    Pending orders will be saved here.
  4. Open Drawer
    Open the drawer to manage non-sales cash in/out of the cash drawer here.
  5. Register Balancing
    Ensure you do not have any discrepancies and view the cash register activity log here.
  6. Order History
    View the details of past receipts, process refunds, and reprint receipts here.
  7. Clock In/Out
    Allows your employees to clock in/out & break in/out.
  8. Settings
    Set the printer /cash drawer /credit card terminal connection and the item layout for the tile display of items on the Order Screen here.
  9. Other
    Access FAQ/User Manual, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, App's version info, the cash register number (a unique ID for the app (iPad) ) here.