【Printer】The Drawer won’t open.

If the drawer won’t open, the printer may be at fault. This is because the AirREGI app’s “Open the Drawer” command is sent to the printer, which then opens the drawer.

Table of Contents


    1. Confirm whether the cable connecting the printer and the drawer is securely connected.
    2. Make sure that the power source for the printer is properly connected. Do not only check the connection to the wall outlet or power strip, but also the plug on the printer.
    3. Verify that you can print out a receipt by pressing the "Feed" button on the printer. Also check that the print paper roll is correctly set. When the paper is running out, it may crumple and prevent receipts from being printed out.

    1. Verify in the iPad’s Bluetooth settings that the printer is "Connected".

    1. In the AirREGI app, confirm that "Settings" -> "Customer Receipt Printer" -> "Use Cash Drawer" is turned on.


If the above troubleshooting procedure does not resolve the problem, please use the included key to unlock the drawer for the time being.