Print Customer/Order Receipt

There are two types of receipts—customer receipt and order receipt.

How to print Customer/Order Receipt

An Order Receipt is supposed to be given to the kitchen. It contains details such as order number, items ordered and its quantity.
When taking a new order, if the Order Receipt is set to be printed out as “with customer receipt", both of the customer and order receipts will be printed once the payment is processed.

Click here to see how to enable automatic print.

If the Order Receipt is not set as “Automatically print with customer receipt with customer receipt", the "Print Order Receipt" button should appear at the bottom of the order-taking screen. Tap it to print the order receipt out.

If the Order Receipt is disabled or set to be printed out as “Manually print for each other", the button does not appear on this screen.

See here for how to configure device settings.

How to email Customer Receipt

You can choose whether to provide customers a paper receipt or an email receipt.
When processing a credit card, when you press "Receipt" on the "Thank you" screen, a selection screen appears.



During cash transactions, the same selection screen will appear when you press "Customer Receipt".



Press “Email Receipt” and then ask the customer to enter his or her email address. Press “Send” to send the receipt to the address entered.



Reissuing the customer/order receipts

Go to the “Order History”

Tap “Reprint Receipt”
Select from “Customer Receipt” or “Order Receipt” to reissue the receipts.