Searching the History of Cash Register Log

How to search the history of cash register log

In Back Office -> Operation -> Cash Register Log, you can check the ‘Register Balancing’ history and ‘Open Drawer’ history.

When you open ‘Cash Register Log’, a search screen will appear.
By default, searches are set to ‘All’ for register selection, and the date/time range is set from the previous day to one week prior.

Please select the register you wish to search.

Enter the date and time range you wish to search, and then press “Search”.

Search results will appear.


Register Balancing
Register check history. The balance amount between actual amount and expected amount will be shown when selecting it. The list AMOUNT will not be displayed.

Cash In/Out (Net Cash Deposit)
Adding or removing cash based on the adjustment of reserves during Register Check.

Cash In/Out
Adding or removing cash during the normal opening and closing of the register.

When you have opened the register even though no money was added or removed.

When you select the Log you wish to check, a detailed screen will appear to the right. In the detailed screen, you will see information such as times when the register was opened and closed, as well as cashier information and cash amounts.
Within the ‘Remarks’ column at the very bottom, the App information entered at the time of ”Register balancing” will be displayed. Do not forget to press ‘Modify’ if you need to append/amend this information.


In the detailed screen for ‘Register Balancing’, items such as Actual Amount, Amount Expected and Over/Short are displayed. Below that, the same information found in the Sales Journal Report will be displayed.