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Nov. 15, 2016 Back Office Release Coming Soon

Nov. 22, 2016 App Releases Coming Soon 


  • You can now review detailed information in your Refund History within the ‘Order History’ of the app.

To see the details, tap "refund" or "payment" under "Transaction".


  • You can now display refund details (Item Price, Sales Tax, Discount, Gratuity) within the ‘Order History’ of Back Office.

To see the details, tap "refund" or "payment" under "Transaction".

  • Within the ‘Order History’ of Back Office and the app, your most recent order will now be displayed instead of the first order in the history.

Back Office


  • You can now reprint receipts from the error list in situations where a printing error has occurred.

The printing status is now shown on the order-taking screen while printing.

If it fails, go to the home of the App and tap error to reprint it.

  • The Item Name printed on the Order Receipt has been changed from ‘Item Name for Receipt’ to ‘Item Name for Order Screen’.

You can set the item name from Back Office->Settings->Items

  • Order Type is added to the orders in the Open Orders.