Printer Queue

If a printer error occurs and it does not print a receipt or Z-report, you can go to the Printer Queue to verify the error and then re-print.

How to open Printer Queue screen

If a print job fails, a red error message will appear in the Home Screen.

When you tap the error message, the PrinterQueue page will appear.

How to re-print failed jobs

To select the print job you wish to re-print, tap the "..." located in the right column.
Tap "Print".

If you want to remove the print job, please tap "Delete" at this time instead.
If you want to re-print multiple jobs in the queue, tap "Select" in the upper right hand corner, and then select the job(s) you want to re-print. (You can also select all jobs by pressing "Select All" in the upper left corner.)

Once you have selected the print job(s), press "Print".

Status Types:

Error; In Queue; Printing

The error has been resolved once you are able to print successfully.