【Tax】 The Sales Tax is Not Being Automatically Added

Table of Contents


  1. Please check your sales tax settings in Back Office.
    The sales tax settings screen can be found in Back Office->Settings->Tax

    Select the tax you wish to check, and then confirm that the tax rate has been set correctly.

    If you wish to add a new tax rate, press the “Add New” button, set the name and tax rate in the right hand side, and then press “save”.
  2. Furthermore, verify how the Tax is being applied to each item, and if it is set to automatic or manual.
    Press “Set Item”, and check if automatic tax for the item is ON. Any items set to OFF will not be automatically taxed. You can also select “apply the tax to all items”, or “exempt all items from the tax” to turn on / off tax for all items.


Your changes will not be applied until AFTER you restart the App.